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Accommodation Facilities Rotary

This is a spacious government-certified accommodation. It has plenty of space for two guests to relax in.
There are five rooms with different ambient atmospheres.
There’s a car rental shop two minutes away on foot, so you can also go for a drive easily. We rent bicycles free.

Check-in |4:00 p.m. ~JST

Check-out|〜11:00 a.m. JST

※ The accommodations featured on this website are government-certified accommodations, so reservations can only be made for two or more nights.

  • Minpaku STAY Osaka ROOM103 Booking
  • Minpaku STAY Osaka ROOM201 Booking
  • Minpaku STAY Osaka ROOM205 Booking
  • Minpaku STAY Osaka ROOM301 Booking
  • Minpaku STAY Osaka ROOM402 Booking
  • Washing machines available

    At Rotary, each living quarters has a washing machine on the balcony, so this vacation rental is convenient for business trips and extended stays as well. There is also a laundry pole on the balcony, so you can hang your clothes out to dry on the balcony.

    Washing machines available

    We rent bicycles free.

Room Characteristics

The rooms offer plenty of space for two guests to relax in.
The kitchen has a convenient counter for meals.
The wide counter can be used for work or hobbies.
Spacious balcony.

Total floor area:Approx. 21.6㎡
Bedroom:Two single-sized beds (90cm wide)
Washing machine (on balcony)

Minpaku Rotary floor plan

Sample room package for Rotary


Ample appliances and armenities ensure that this place is comfortable for your extended stays, too.

All you need is a change of clothes, and even if you are staying on short notice or on an extended stay, the ample appliances and amenities will help you feel at home.


Mobile Wi-Fi
(free and unlimited)


Air conditioner

Hair dryer

Trouser press


Vacuum cleaner

Rice cooker


Induction cooker


Microwave oven


Blackout curtains

Fire extinguisher


Kitchen supplies

Set of cooking utensils, plates, cups, chopsticks, spoons, forks, knives


Shampoo, conditioner, body soap, hand soap, box of tissues, bath towels, face towels, toothbrushes, razors, combs


Clothes washing detergent, cleaning detergent, hangers

We do not prepare lotion and seasoning.



Rules for Vacation Rental Use

* See the Terms of Use on the index page for details.

  • No smoking

    No smoking

  • No pets

    No pets

  • No parties or events

    No parties
    or events


Nearby Facilities

Moriguchishi Station, which has many commercial facilities, is just a five-minute walk away. There are also facilities with special exhibits and events nearby, including the Panasonic Museum that opened in 2018, so there are fun things to do on extended stays as well.

  • Panasonic Museum

    Panasonic Museum

    The Panasonic Museum consists of the History museum of Konosuke Matsushita, where you can experience Konosuke Matsushita's(founder of the company) views on management and philosophy, the Museum of manufacturing-ism(Monozukuri-ism), and the Sakura Plaza. On weekends, the museum holds lectures and other events, as well as workshops for children.

  • Keihan Department Store Moriguchi

    Keihan Department Store Moriguchi

    Various events are held here, too. It offers duty-free shopping, so it’s also convenient for finding souvenirs. One of the leading department stores in the Keihan area with restaurants, beauty salons and other shops.

  • Moriguchi Branch, Mizuho Ban

    Moriguchi Branch, Mizuho Bank

    Convenient for foreign currency exchange and has ATMs that support foreign-issued cards. * Some currencies not supported, and limits may apply. Thank you for your understanding.

  • L Moriguchi

    L Moriguchi

    Located under Moriguchishi Station, this commercial complex has various restaurants and other businesses. The Matsumotokiyoshi drugstore in L Moriguchi is a duty-free shop.

  • Energy Hall(Moriguchibunka Center)

    Energy Hall(Moriguchibunka Center)

    There is a small hall with 436 seats where concerts and other events are held. There are also training rooms and conference rooms, so it can be used for lectures and conferences as well.

  • Facilities Near Rotary

    Nippon Rent-A-Car: 2 minutes on foot.
    Family Mart (convenience store): 2 minutes on foot.
    Keihan Department Store: 3 minutes on foot.
    Panasonic Museum: 6 minutes on foot.
    L Moriguchi (commercial complex): 4 minutes on foot.
    Mizuho Bank: 5 minutes on foot.


Nearby Stations

Moriguchishi Station on Keihan Main Line: 5 minutes on foot
Moriguchi Station on Osaka Metro Tanimachi Line: 5 minutes on foot

Use Exit 1 if using Moriguchi Station on the Osaka Metro Tanimachi Line. *There is no elevator at Exit 1.Use the elevator at the platform.

Transportations from the nearby station.

You can use Moriguchi Station on the Osaka Metro Tanimachi Line and Moriguchishi Station on Keihan Main Line (express stop), which are convenient for sightseeing in Osaka City and Kyoto.

Moriguchishi Station on Keihan Main Line
From Moriguchishi Station on Keihan Main Line
  • 5 minutes to Kyobashi Station

    5 minutes to Kyobashi Station ※1

  • 20 minutes to Osaka Station

    20 minutes to Osaka Station ※2

  • 35 minutes to Universal City Station

    35 minutes to Universal City Station ※2

  • 「53 minutes to Gion-shijo Station

    53 minutes to Gion-shijo Station ※3

※ The time required varies depending on the time of day.
※ 1.  Using suburban express train
※ 2.  Using semi-express train and changing to JR Osaka Loop Line at Kyoto Station
※ 3.  Changing to limited express train at Hirakatashi Station

Moriguchi Station on Osaka Metro Tanimachi Line
From Moriguchi Station on
Osaka Metro Tanimachi Line
  • 15 minutes to Higashi-Umeda Station

    15 minutes to Higashi-Umeda Station

  • 37 minutes to Tennoji Station

    37 minutes to Tennoji Station

  • 38 minutes to Namba Station

    38 minutes to Namba Station ※4

  • 44 minutes to Osakako Station

    44 minutes to Osakako Station ※5

※ The time required varies depending on the time of day.
※4.  Changing to Osaka Metro Sakaisuji Line at Tenjimbashisuji Rokuchome Station and to Osaka Metro Sennichimae Line at Nippombashi Station
※5.  Changing to Osaka Metro Chuo Line at Tanimachi Yonchome Station

Minpaku STAY Osaka route map

There are airport shuttle buses from Kansai International Airport to Kuzuha, Hirakatashi, Neyagawa, and Moriguchi.
The airport shuttle bus from Moriguchishi Station to Kansai International Airport leaves from Bus Stop No.6.

Minpaku STAY Osaka map

If you coming by car, you can use the paid parking lots near the accommodation.


Rotary address: 6-11 Shogetsu-cho, Moriguchi City, Osaka


Legal Notice

Marketer Tokiwa Kanzai Center Inc.
Site name Minpaku Stay Osaka (Rotary)
Operations manager Mitsunobu Nakamura,
Representative Director
Address 7-8 Tokiwa-cho, Kadoma City, Osaka 571-0078
Phone +81-72-881-2345 (Hours: 9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. JST)
Cellular phone +81-80-7217-5872
FAX +81-72-883-2200
Regular closings Wednesdays
E-mail info@minpaku-stay.com
Fees not included in accommodation fee Cleaning fee (varies by property: Starting at 4,500 yen)・Taxes not included
Payment methods Online credit card payment
Timing of payment: Varies by credit card issuer.
【A cancellation fee】will be charged.
・If the reservation is canceled the day before or check-in day → 100% of the price of accommodation.
・3 to 2 days before check-in day → 50%
・7 to 4 days before check-in day → 30%
※8 days or more before will be no charge.
Use of accommodation Reserved date of check-in to date of check-out.
Details provided after payment.